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Wednesday, 07/23/2008

Firefox 3 Support  - 
The current version of the BookmarkSync client doesn't support Firefox 3.

While I had hoped to have a fix available quickly, as always, it's turning out to be a bit more complex. Firefox not only modified their basic storage method, but they also modified their legacy 'bookmarks.html' file format. This has necessitated re-writing a good portion of the Firefox Browser class within the BookmarkSync client. I'm working on it daily and expect to have a solution soon.

Thanks for your patience.

- Jack

Saturday, 12/24/2005

Major bug squashed!  - 
For those of you that may have noticed the server behaving erratically over the past few days, I've found and squashed a database indexing bug that has been with us for over a year now. This bug, which was actually just a poorly designed query has been impacting server loads and http response times negatively. It wasn't until enough users had built the database up to over 10 million rows that the query times became intolerable. I've been fighting this for quite awhile now but it's always been very intermittant. I'm quite confident now that it's been taken care of. Server loads are down to 1/100 of their previous levels. Whew!

Friday, 11/11/2005

Firefox Bug Fixed  - 
I'm hopeful to report that the bug we were experiencing with Firefox has been addressed. Beginning with version
available here:, Firefox should work the same as Netscape and Mozilla and not overwrite external changes made to bookmarks.html.

I've been able to restore the DDE communication between the BookmarkSync client and Firefox so that the client will not attempt to overwrite bookmarks.html while Firefox is running. When Firefox is closed, any changes made to your bookmarks on the server will be updated by the client during the next synchronization event. Bookmarks added to Firefox while it is running will be synchronized as usual.

I'd like to get this version published as the default version as soon as possible so any feedback you can provide about it will be very helpful. Thanks!

- Jack

Tuesday, 01/18/2005

Firefox Issues  - 
Note: 11/30/2005 - This issue has been resolved. It looks like the Firefox folks fixed their DDE communications allowing BookmarkSync to determine if the browser was running or not. This fixes the bookmark overwriting problem and Firefox now works properly with BookmarkSync. Thank you for your patience. - JD

There is an issue with Firefox and the way it's handling bookmarks.html. It looks like the only way we are going to get this addressed is to write a patch. I didn't want to post this response on bugzilla, because it's a bit harsh, but I need to let you know that I am trying to get the problem addressed. To no avail at this point...

In reply to comment #3)
> Jack, you are assuming that it's OK to overwrite a file inside FF's profile
> while FF is running.
> It's just not, and it has never been said this was an allowed thing to do.
> If FF were to write down the BM file everytime there's a modification in the
> bookmarks lists and reload it when modified externally, you could get the
> behaviour you want with your external product.
> But they are reasons why FF doesn't do that, the more write of the list to the
> disk the more risk there is to corrupt it, and there is enough BM list
> corruption already. And the only gain of doing it would be to allow the
> functionnality you want by using an external commercial product in addition to FF.
> So if we go back to the root, the real functional requirement here is the one I
> described in the summary line. And it's an enhancement request.
> Anybody is free to write a patch to FF that does what you suggest, it would be
> one way to get this new functionnality. But I'm doubtful that a patch that rises
> the risk of BM list corruption will be accepted in the main FF tree.

Firefox is overwriting bookmarks.html when it exits, if corruption of the file is an issue, (and I'm not doubting it is) why then try write the file again? Isn't that just compounding the issue? In addition, it's overwriting a newer file without notification, which is questionable behavior. It ought to at least check the file dates and give the user an option to overwrite the file. Firefox appears to be unique in this behavior, NS and Mozilla don't do this.

Feature or bug, it doesn't matter to me. Frankly not writing the file because of a fear of corruption seems a little lame to me, since my server logs are updated with each and every user request, literally millions of times each month. Seems Firefox could write a text file two or three times during the course of a day without corrupting it.

Saturday, 07/24/2004

Firefox 0.92  - 
Note: 1/1/2005 - This comment has been made obsolete by the release of version 1.7.1 of the client which works with Firefox 1.0 and Opera 7. Please download the latest version of the client to sync with Firefox. - JD

Here is a patched version of the client that will sync with Firefox version 0.92. To install, stop the Sync2It client by right-clicking on the client icon and select "Exit". Run this installation program and the newer version of the Sync2It client will be installed and automatically started.

Update: 9/11/04 - There is a problem with this version where it is creating a folder called "Imported IE Bookmarks" that is difficult to delete. I am working on a fix as well as the update to the the next version of the client.

- Jack

Wednesday, 03/31/2004

"Quick Add" Bookmarks to Sync2It  - 
I fixed the "Quick Add" feature. After a bit of rewriting, and much testing, it looks like this feature is now working correctly. Give it a try and let me know how it's working for you.

Note: It uses a popup window so if you are using a popup blocker such as comes with the Google toolbar, you will need to disable popup blocking while on the page you wish to add to Sync2It. Using the Google toolbar, you just click on the blocking popups button to toggle this feature.

- Jack

Thursday, 03/25/2004

Sync2It client occasionally stops during installation on Windows XP systems  - 
If you are using Windows XP, version 1.6.5 will sometimes just stop on step 3 during installation.

Sometimes a corrupted file is keeping the client version 1.6.5 from installing correctly on Windows XP. For more information and a solution, please read our FAQ.

Another user reported a DNS that was holding our old IP address in a local cache. If you ping, you should get

- Jack

Sunday, 03/21/2004

Search Engine  - 
The Sync2It Bookmark Search Engine is running very slowly. I'm using a fulltext search under MySQL which can be somewhat slow anyway. Right now the indexes have grown very large and I'm working on optimizing the hardware performance to deal with it. The issue seems to be processor speed and memory limitations. I've already ordered a memory upgrade for the server, which will also double our bandwidth and disk capacity. This change should be installed in a couple of days, after that I'll evaluate the performance again and rebuild the indexes on the search engine. Right now that's taking several hours which is much too long.

On a side note, I'm making daily offsite backups of the bookmark databases. Currently our database size is about 500 meg and growing. It zips up to a tidy 50 meg. There is a bandwidth limitation imposed by DirecWay, my satellite internet provider, of about 150 meg over a short period of time therefore I'll have another issue to deal with in about 6 months as the database continues to grow.

- Jack

Friday, 01/23/2004

Adding Collections  - 
Fixed another bug in the 'Add New' collection page. Apparently the internal data structure of the links database is slightly different from the original ASP version as the existing queries needed to be modified to return properly sorted bookmarks. Either that or the port to PHP just didn’t work well.

The 'Pick folder to publish' combo box now returns a properly sorted and indexed bookmark tree so you can actually find the directory that you wish to publish and the correct directory is published as a collection.

Visit the 'add a collection' page and contribute to growing number of collections that are publicly available.

Note: I had a few collections published that were temporally removed while I was doing this testing so you will have to relink to any collections that I had published, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday, 01/04/2004

Viewing your Links Online  - 
Update 1/4/2004: Viewing your links online used to present you with a rather garbled collection of links. The sort order was very disjointed, giving the list a haphazard appearance. I have modified the query used to retrieve your links online, and now the folders are properly sorted and the links within are also properly sorted.

Thanks for your patience!

Happy New Year! - Jack

Saturday, 12/13/2003

New Category  - 
I've started a new category called 'known issues' where I'll try to keep you updated about problems that are known about already. If you notice a problem with Sync2It, you might want to take a look through this category first to make sure it hasn't already been reported.

- Jack

Saturday, 11/01/2003

Export Functions  - 
There is a problem with the export functions, none of them work. It looks like these functions are written into dll's that are incompatible with a Linux server. I'm still checking into this.

Deleting Dead Links  - 
Only the first dead link may be deleted. Selecting multiple links doesn't delete any links at all unless the first link is selected.

Tree View  - 
The online viewing of links isn't working correctly. Well, it works, sorta. Links under sub-folders are being displayed before the folder is actually open.

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